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About Our Community

Atelier of Northchase is owned by tenants and run by tenants.

Atelier is a community of professionals building their business in an environment tailored to their individual needs. Comprised of sixty office condominiums, Atelier houses a wide variety of businesses such as law offices, psychological and psychiatric practices, accounting, insurance, appraisal, marketing, research and manufacturers' representative firms. Visit the business directory below for details.

Atelier of Northchase, Inc. is owned by tenants and run by tenants, operated by a Board of Managers elected by the condominium owners. The Board is responsible for managing the property under a specific set of guidelines.

View our directory for a list of Tenants, and contact the current board officers for more details about Atelier.

Click Here to request changes to the directory.

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Allied Appraisal Center 14339-B
Careways Realty 14351-D
DAU Metal Group 14359-H
Evergreen Counseling Center 14351-B
Jesse C. Rios, Attorney 14335-C
John F. Schaffer, Attorney 14347-D
Klein Business & Tax Services 14355-C
Klene & Bratsakis 14339-F
Law Offices of Aseph Almas, PLLC 14359-I
Mark Edward Hatfield, Ph.D. 14359-A
Noel O. Bailey, Attorney 14347-F
Partners Management Services 14339-G
Passion Creative Art 14335-B
Premier Tax Service 14343-E
Sky Oak Realty 14351-F
Stetson & Associates, Inc. 14343-G
Ronald Trammell, Ed.D. 14359-A
Robbie Burnett, Ph.D., LPC 14343-I
Terpstra & Associates, Real Estate 14343-J
Viki Hall Staffing 14347-A

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Board of Directors

Frances Stetson, Ph.D.

Board President

Miguel Cuevas

Board Secretary

Jesus Sanchez

Board Treasurer

Robbie Burnett, Ph.D.

Board Vice President

Noel O. Bailey

Board Member

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